Roaming drawings 2018

Roaming drawings 2018

Drawings   Roaming

These works are a series based around the activity of walking as a sensory activity, building a path of engagement with space and surroundings. Abstract forms anchor floating objects both collected and imagined, while hearing, breathing and touch inform the drawings as part of the full sensorium. Walking as a means of exploring and discovery, is central to the experience of being in an environment, where the influence of the landscape connects and grows a body of work; building on the emotional geography of place. The work is informed by post-expressionists with references to everyday elements like clouds, trees and found objects collected on the way. The medium is watercolour, graphite, coloured pencil and ink, which is used to refer to visual writing, indecipherable marks that use the gestural language of calligraphy.

As part of moving the drawings into a collective space, I have been working on multiple units, as with the work titled Shone, where a reproduction is made and the resulting images are pieced together by the participant, as part of a physical engagement with drawing on a more fundamental level.



2.flow-2017-mixed media on paper-50x120cm-$650.00 IMG_8729IMG_8731